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    With three successive sellout one-man shows at New York's International Art-Expo and dozens of one man shows and special exhibitions around the world, Gary George is a principle artist that collectors seek.

   In an art career encompassing nearly four decades, his artwork can be found in hundreds of private, corporate, and public collections.

   He began his formal studies in 1969 at the University of Memphis and continued them in New York and in London, England. During those times he began to exhibit on juried exhibitions winning awards and acclamations.

   After a period of travels through Europe and America the artist settled in Florida in 1976. His travels have given him a variety of subjects to paint. Views of the ocean, Mediterranean villages and vistas are typical subjects for his paint brush.

   Gary George is recognized as one of the finest of todays living portrait painters. Commissioned portraits include the likes of Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, King Hassan II of Morocco, and Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum. His ability to capture an insightful likeness makes his portraits desirable for both home and office.